Piazza delle Erbe e Piazza dei Signori

  1. Piazza delle Erbe (Herbs square)

    During antiquity this lively square used to host the roman Forum. Nowadays it is the setting of the typical street market. Among other, take a look at the medieval tower houses at the corner with via Mazzini.
    The imposing Torre del Gardello (Gardello tower) overlooks the square.

  2. Piazza dei Signori

    An awesome square, boasting harmonious architectural proportions, hemmed-in by 1300’s buildings connected each-other by arcades.

    The Palazzo della Ragione (end 1100s), the Palazzo del Capitanio(1363) and the Loggia del Consiglio (end 1400s) are just some of the beautiful buildings to be seen in this square.

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