Piazza Bra’ and the Arena

  • Piazza Brà (Brà square)

    It is one of the places where Verona people use to hang around, walking along the Liston (accent on o), a pedestrian way lined with elegant cafés, restaurants and bookstores.

    The big square is overlooked by the impressive Arena, and surrounded by fine old palaces. Among them, the Accademia Filarmonica, made up of a palladian-style theater, a museum and a 1500s’ library, in which are being preserved precious ancient instruments and sheet music.

  • The Arena of Verona

    It is one of the most famous Verona attractions: the Roman amphitheater, the setting of the famous summer Opera in Verona since 1913.

    The Arena is the third biggest amphiteather of Italy (after Rome and Capua, this last one not well preserved though), with a sitting capacity of 25,000.

    Built in the early 1st century AD, when Verona was a relevant roman town, it used to host the gladiators battles.
    The name Arena – sand in Latin- stems from the fact that during the roman era the area where shows took place was covered in sand.

    Visiting hours: 8am-7pm
    During Opera season: 8am-3.30pm
    Closed on Monday

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